Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wonder Festival 2009 Summer Popular Kits!!!

Its hard to find some High Quality GK Figures nowadays either plain or pre-painted one. The hardest part was, how to get a pre-painted one? If you really don't have the skill paint one but wanna own one of your favourite kit. There's a site which will solved all your problems and will fulfill all your needs for GK Figures. That was E2046 which you're able to get most of your favourite GK Figures and even in pre-painted version (super high quality skills and finishing job with a group of professional that have more than 10 years experiences in this field to paint for you which also know as Gathering).

Their Official Site:

Wonder Festival 2009 Summer:

Recommended GK Figure (Pre-Painted):
Ryomou Shimei (Pre-painted)


maslight said...

nendo and puchi plz kthxpie

Daniel Michael Lee said...

The more i look at this Ryoumo Shimei figure. The more i loving it...