Monday, March 23, 2009

BakaMeow'sYouTube Video Gallery!!!

Vocaloid's "Hatsune Miku" 3DPV by Binary Star
(Recently launched!!! TOTALLY NEW!!!)

Cute Japanese Schoolgirls doing Caramell Dansen!!!
(not suitable for minors to click the video below)

Perfume(PV) Sumire Sixteen ED!!

Perfume - Ceramic Girl - Drama Another Version -

Perfume セラミックガール

After School - DIVA MV

So Nyeo Shi Dae - Girls Generation MV [HQ]

Girls' Generation (SNSD)- Gee Dance Version 2

[HQ] SNSD - Sorry Sorry + Tell me your wish [Aug.8.09]

1 comment:

Daniel Michael Lee said...

Oh no~ The Caramelldanshen poison with cute girls knee socks~

*nose bleed*