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Thursday, March 15, 2012

[PSP] PhotoKano

Photo Kano a.k.a Photo Girlfriend (フォトカノ)

Copyright 2011 ENTERBRAIN, INC. Developed by DINGO Inc.
Official Site : http://photokano.jp/
PhotoKano (Photo Contest) : http://www.famitsu.com/sp/photokano/

PhotoKano Game Details

PhotoKano boxart at gamrReview
Developer: Kadokawa Shoten
Genre: Adventure
Release Dates:
02/02/12 Kadokawa Shoten

About this product:

From the creators of Amagami and Kimikiss, Photo Kano is a brand-new romance simulation that challenges you to build an intimate relationship by photographing the girl of your dreams. As a member of the photography club, you will go around your school chatting up cute girls and convincing them to let you take their picture. As you build your heroines' affection, they'll let you photograph them in more revealing and vulnerable poses. They may even cosplay for you! Your choices and skill as a cameraman determine not only which of seven heroines you end up with, but also whether you go down the "love" path, which focuses on tender, emotional romance, or the "happy" path, which is full of crazy hijinks and fanservice. With cute and memorable characters, beautiful 3D models, and the fun gameplay Enterbrain is known for, Photo Kano is a great game for fans of romance simulations and gravure photography.

About this software product: This is a standard Sony PSP UMD game made for the Japanese market. It is compatible with PSP hardware (all versions) from around the world. Note that the software itself and game manual are in Japanese, so some Japanese knowledge may be necessary to understand all aspects of the game. (in

Credits : http://www.jbox.com/product/PSP1088

Related Products

Photokano Love & Happy Book (Hobby Magazine)

About this product:

Photo Kano is a new PSP romance simulation from Enterbrain, the creators of the popular game and anime series Amagami. In Photo Kano, you build relationships with cute girls by taking flattering pictures of them. Your choices will determine which girl you end up with. This exclusive artbook contains 40 full-color A5 pages packed with information, character and cast profiles, and beautiful art. You also get amazing omake in the form of 3 large double-sided posters featuring the Photo Kano girls, plus a special DVD with commentary from the voice actresses and full-sized 3D movies from the game. A great bargain!

Credits : http://www.jbox.com/product/APO526

電撃G's Festival! Vol.25 フォトカノ大特集号


About this product:

The latest edition of Dengeki G's Festival is here! Coming to you every other month, this moe magazine is known for the high-quality omake extras that come with every issue, as well as for it's top coverage of the latest bishoujo game news.

IN THIS ISSUE: This special issue is devoted entirely to Photo Kano, the new dating sim by the creators of Amagami and Kimikiss. Enjoy 80 full-color pages packed with character profiles, artwork, gameplay tips, and more! This month's omake is an exclusive dakimakura (hug pillow) cover featuring moe art of Photo Kano heroine Niimi Haruka in a skimpy pink bikini. This 155 cm x 50 cm (61" x 20") pillow is life-sized, so it's just like having a cute girl in your bed. You also get a very cool picture frame clock that comes with pictures of the nine Photo Kano heroines. Admire their beauty while keeping track of time! Don't miss this amazing new issue of Dengeki G's Festival. (in

Credits : http://photokano.jp/books.html#books003 & http://www.jbox.com/product/APO617

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 ( Rated 9/10 )

My Reviews :
~ Worth Buying ( attractive and various types of "Collector's Edition" packages )
~ After completing the main story, you'll unlock "Paradox Scope" ( 8 x Paradox Ending ) which means, you're able to have more than 1 ending
~ Able to capture monsters to be your companion ( Which helps fighting in battle : gain Lvls by Crystarium Leveling Functions )
~ I love the story ^^

Three years after the events in FINAL FANTASY XIII, Lightning has gone missing, and Snow is nowhere to be found. In a rebuilding world, Serah notices that something is amiss. After a fortuitous encounter with a mysterious man named Noel, the two set off to find Lightning.

Official Site :

Voice Cast :
LightningMaaya SakamotoAli Hillis
Serah FarronMinako KotobukiLaura Bailey
Noel KreissDaisuke KishioJason Marsden
MogSumire MorohoshiAriel Winter
Caius BalladHiroshi ShirokumaLiam O'Brien
Paddra Nsu-YeulMariya IseAmber Hood
Snow VilliersDaisuke OnoTroy Baker
Hope EstheimYūki KajiVincent Martella

Minako Kotobuki (JAP : SERAH)

Laura Bailey (ENG : SERAH)

Products :

Pictures :

Credits :

Info Site :

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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Event Highlights:


My Favourite:

TINGE Game Girl Challenge

Step Up Dance Tournament

My sister told me that, her friend wanna organize an event called TeenFest2K10 (last few weeks) and i have told her that if your friend can invite YaoYao (瑶瑶) i may go, but now