Friday, October 31, 2008

How to spot Fake Anime Merchandises/Figurines FAQ (by:MOE YUME)

How to spot Fake Anime Merchandises/Figurines FAQ
(by: MOE YUME)

~Quality Control (QC): Fake(bootleg) figurine normally without any Quality Control (QC) by the creator company

~ Packaging: The box quality may differ with the original one which was softer and always in damaged/dented condition. The printing quality was always blur and sometimes the company name/details or picture of certain character was located at different position.

~Bad Paint Job: The colour of original product is brilliant and precise but for the fake/bootleg one, you'll always see the colour either faded or patched at wrong place even uses different colour for replacement of certain colour.

~Original Sticker: All original company got their own type/design of stickers (which was sticked mostly in front of the box but sometimes at the back near the company copyrighted reference). As for the Fake/Bootleg one, the sticker maybe either scanned or totally don't have a sticker (because of copyright issues/matters
they prefered not to copy the sticker).

Special Guidelines:

~First thing you should do was keep an eye on the hair/eyes painting quality and ensure that there were no/less
visible joint lines (mostly applied to characters with long hair)

~Most Fake/Bootleg packages can't seal/pack the accessories well and will drop to the bottom/or any other
side of the box (inside)

~Price should be the most visible way to compare the product among any other methods:

(noted: got possibility that the fake/bootleg seller may tag a price around the price of the original one)

~Make comparison by referring to the original product:

either take a look of the original one from your friend or refer to the picture from the web at their official site

~Spot other products at that particular shop:

if you can't differentiate that figure (the figure that you wanna purchase)because of its quality which was much more better than any others (bootleg) out there, if the shop selling any bootleg figures/stuffs then the possibility of getting genuine/original stuffs should be low =P

~Ask the shop owner =P

~Bring a friend with experiences (real figure collector) along =P