Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anime -> JAV?

Anime -> JAV?

Adult Master Cosplay AV

The latest in the notorious TMA cosplay porn paradies, called “Adult Master”, and unsurprisingly a parody of Idol Master

The recently announced Idol Master cosplay parody AV “Adult Master”, produced by the infamous TMA and due for release in January, has been mysteriously cancelled without explanation.

The immediate suspicion is that Namco has exerted pressure over TMA to halt distribution of the offending title.

A terse and uninformative announcement is all they offer by way of explanation:

“Due to various circumstances, release has been cancelled. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused, this is truly inexcusable.”

Article credited to Sankaku.

セクロスF / Secross F

The news comes by way of one of the performers, Saotome Rui, letting her antics slip on her blog, which seems to be a popular informal announcement strategy for TMA. She is performing as Ranka Lee.

She mentions a challenging (for her) dance routine, so it looks as if the musical elements of the anime will be preserved.

The work, possibly to be titled セクロスF / Secross F, in a pun which does not translate at all into English (sekurosu is 2ch slang for sekusu/sex, punning on makurosu/Macross), looks set for a March 2009 release.

Article credited to Sankaku.


The promised Clannad cosplay AV, or CLONNAD, is revealed in detail; doubtless planning to coincide with onset of the anime adaptation’s probable popularity. It is due for release by TMA in the first week of November. You can see more detail of the cover above, as well as what is the probable 2D model image for the cover.

Article credited to Sankaku.

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